Core Faculty    
Karen Aguiar Trinity Ava Colleen Bingham
Bryan Bowen Jen Bredesen
Courtney Fischer David Hoffmann Terri Jensen
Rebecca Maxfield Jason Miller Daniel Pinney
Elana Quinlan Scheidegger Autumn Summers  
Guest Faculty    
7Song Kate August Tim Blakley
Susan Blanc Amy Charnay Denise Cooluris ND
Jackie Davey Kara Davey Jim Hall
Kathleen Harrison Brittany Jade Sheila Kingsbury ND
Sage LaPena Suzun Lamaina Robin Lander
Jim Mcdonald Lily Mazzarella Larkin Morgan
Shad Reinstein Karyn Sanders Becka Sheranian
Kara Sigler Christa Sinadinos Tamara Wilder
other guests    
Leslie Gardner Cascade Anderson Geller Charmoon Richardson

Core CSHS Faculty

Some of the CSHS Staff members in the CSHS garden -From Left to right -Trinity Ava, Bryan Bowen, Rebecca Maxfield, Terri Jensen, Jim Hall, David Hoffmann, Courtney Fischer, Jen Bredesen, Daniel Pinney, Karen Aguiar,and Autumn Summers.

karen aguiarKaren Aguiar
herbal medicine maker

Karen has taught medicine making at CSHS since 1998. She loves making medicine with plants and mushrooms and feels pretty fortunate to have found her tribe. She is an organizer of the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium and makes herbal medicines for practitioners as co-owner of The Herbal Apothecary.

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trinity avaTrinity Ava
Trinity Ava is an artist, mother, mover, lover of food as medicine and the garden as a temple. She is an eastern and western trained herbalist with an emphasis on using essential oils as medicine. Trinity offers over 20 years of teaching, clinical experience and adores being core faculty at the California School of Herbal Studies, teaching at Bastyr University and is a consultant to the natural products industry. Her intention is to inspire and empower individuals with the effectiveness of the herbal tradition. back to top>

Colleeen Bingham Colleen Bingham

Colleen Marie Bingham began developing her first products as a young child, playing with the soaps and perfumes she found hidden in cupboards. As an adult, she discovered that every ingredient was special and had its own story from where it was grown to when it was harvested. These unique stories taught her that the source and quality of each ingredient would define her health and her impact on the planet. She learned how to refine her choices in the food she ate and the products she bought to slather on her skin. Then in 2010, she signed up for her first herbal studies class, made her first batch of natural skincare, and began her journey as a product formulator and herbalist. Colleen's knowledge of whole plant medicine fused with her topical formulations resulting in the creation of her product line, Poppy Botanicals . Colleen is Lab Manager, Medicine Maker and an Instructor at The California School of Herbal Studies, and is developing and producing natural, plant based beauty products for companies nationwide.

Bryan Bowen Bryan Bowen
Msc Clinical Herbalist

Bryan likes to have one hand in science and the other in the earth. He has spent the last eight years studying medicinal plants through ecological farming & gardening, medicine making, botany, physiology, clinical skills and theories of herbal medicine. Bryan enjoys seeing clients and finds inspiration in people, plants and the rhythms of nature. His studies include Tai Sophia Institute, CSHS and Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. back to top>

jen bredesenJen Bredesen
herbalist, CMT

Jen brings nearly 2 decades of experience working with Plants in the field & garden, kitchen, classroom, clinical and first aid arenas into her teaching. She weaves bodywork, ayurveda & western herbalism into her clinical practice in Sebastopol. Jen has been sharing 1st aid skills in the NCWHS Wellness Tent for over a decade. An avid kitchen chemist, she loves to work with fermentation & sustainable living practices, and is a local pioneer in home-brewing herbal beers. She is the mother of an infant daughter. back to top>

diana de lucaCourtney Fischer
herbalist, MS, CNS

Courtney finds plants and their medicine to be intriguing as well as offering a meaningful connection to the earth and what it means to be alive. Many years ago she was first inspired by the medicinal plants in her own backyard, in awe that they not only had the ability to rouse various helpful effects within her when consumed but that this medicine was also so accessible—she has been inquisitively learning about plants, the human body/mind, and healing ever since. She began her herbal studies at Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and CSHS, and then went on to receive her Masters in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health.
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david hoffmannDavid Hoffmann
B. Sc., F.N.I.M.H.

David has been a phytotherapist for 32 years. He is the author of 17 books, including the Holistic Herbal and Medical Herbalism. He is on the advisory board of the American Botanical Council, a founding member and past president of the American Herbalist Guild and is active in the environmental & peace movements.
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teri jensenTerri Jensen
herbal medicine maker

Terri has been working with botanical medicines in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. She is an owner and medicine maker for The Herbal Apothecary. She is also a current and founding organizer of the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium.

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rebecca maxfieldRebecca Maxfield
herbalist, BA, co-director of CSHS

Rebecca came to Sonoma County 20 years ago to study at CSHS. She lived with her husband and two children on the land at the school for 16 years and now lives in Sebastopol. She worked as the medicine maker at Simplers Botanicals for 8 years and now enjoys making medicine for the CSHS pharmacy as well as being co-director with Jason Miller of CSHS. back to top>

jason millerJason Miller
environmental educator, co-director of CSHS

Jason has been living and working at CSHS for over 15 years. His currently focuses on the stewardship and maintenance of Emerald Valley. His commitment to CSHS is based on a belief that Herbalism plays an important role in building vibrant and sustainable communities.
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autumn summersDaniel Pinney
wilderness guide

Daniel Pinney is our camping trip outfitter and guide. Daniel has 30 years experience leading trips for CSHS, Antioch College and private groups. He brings his passion for hiking, birding and music and love of the outdoors.

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autumn summersElana Quinlan Scheidegger
gardener, herbalist, BS Environmental Biology, Botany

Elana is a second generation herbalist with a lifelong love for plants. She grew up in the mountains of Trinity County on a homesteading community where life was centered around working with plants in the gardens and in the forest. They provided warmth shelter, food, medicine, and the beauty that made everything worthwhile. She has always turned to nature as a reminder that we are just one tiny piece in a large, breath-takingly beautiful and miraculous world. Craving to know as much as possible about the inner workings of all systems she went on to study Environmental Biology and Botany at Humboldt State University. Elana came to CSHS in 2015 for the Roots of Herbalism Course and has stayed on for her love of this community and the chance to help care for the amazing herb garden here. She is the Garden Assistant under Bryan Bowen and has the joy of working with the garden apprentices every Wednesday to share her take on gardening, plant identification, and hard work as medicine.
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autumn summersAutumn Summers
herbalist, BA ethnobotany

From her first herb class over 25 years ago, Autumn has been exploring the many facets of herbalism with a focus on plant, seaweed and mushroom identification and uses and growing medicinal and edible plants. She is passionate about sharing this empowering knowledge with others in an enthusiastic, hands-on way.
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Guest Faculty

Clinical Herbalist

7Song has been involved in herbal first aid at various events for many years. He has worked as a street medic and as an herbalist at clinics and first aid stations. He has helped run the first aid station at the Rainbow Gathering for over 20 years, which is an off-the-grid health care area that sees up to 150 people a day with a wide range of health conditions. He is director of holistic medicine and a clinical herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic. He is also the director of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY. One of his goals in teaching is showing how herbal medicine offers useful primary and adjunct therapies in first aid situations, especially when working alongside a diversity of health care practitioners.
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Kate August
Kate August is a dreamer, a lover of plants, community and the outdoors. She believes we all have the inherent natural intelligence to bring balance in our lives and the plants are simply one of the ways to invite the harmony. Her relationship with the natural world has transformed over her life, from a child accompanying her mother to her nursery job, to an artist traveling and teaching abroad, to creating seasonal foods and medicines for her community—plant allies have always been there. Combining her various educations, studying plant medicine and pulse diagnosis, Kate is growing a small clinical practice in Oakland. Passionate about connecting people with their plant allies and teaching simple ways to bring herbs into daily practice, Kate teaches workshops in her community and at the California School. Kate is most grounded while being in nature; when not in the kitchen or the garden you can find her at the water’s edge. back to top>

tim blakleyTim Blakley
herbalist, aromatherapist & author

As the Aromatherapist for Aura Cacia, Tim Blakley provides aromatherapy education throughout North America. His 30 years experience includes authoring Medicinal Herbs in the Garden, Field and Marketplace, worldwide travel researching essential oil plants and herbs, and managing the National Center for the Preservation of Medicinal Herbs. He has also held positions with the California School of Herbal Studies, Herb Pharm, and Frontier Natural Products Coop. Tim lives and practices aromatherapy in Hawaii. back to top>

Susan BlancSusan Blanc
Herbalist and Nutritional Educator

Susan Blanc is an herbalist and nutrition educator. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with highest honors in 1980, studied Herbalism for 6 years with local and national experts, and received her N.E. and N.C. nutrition certification from Bauman College. Susan offers individual consultations at her private practice in Castro Valley, teaches whole food nutrition classes at Castro Valley Adult School, and is a faculty member at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition. She has served as a consultant to the California Association of Naturopathic Physicians. back to top>

candis cantinAmy Charnay
MS, CNS ~ Herbalist and Nutritionist.

Amy hails from upstate NY and holds Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science & Latin American Studies and a Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine. She has worked as an Herbalist, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor for over a decade. Amy holds an international certification in Aromatherapy and is a FDA trained botanical microscopist with extensive experience in the herbal manufacturing industry where she consults as a formulator and quality control specialist. She has taught as an adjunct faculty member for the Maryland University of Integrative Health Herbal Medicine Masters of Science program since 2006. Amy is passionate about applying her skills as a permaculturist and Sonoma County Master Gardener on her urban homesteading farm called ‘Herban Allies’. She views the human body as a complex and deeply interconnected ecosystem and maintains a private practice in Santa Rosa, CA
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Denise Cooluris NDDenise Cooluris N.D.

Dr. Denise Cooluris is an integrative family physician and a California native having returned from an era in the Pacific NW. After graduation from Bastyr University medical school, she was chosen as one of six national candidates for the family medicine residency program at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. On completion of her residency, she was invited as adjunct clinical faculty at Bastyr University, where she proudly trained students to transform into doctors of integrative medicine. She has interned with the Highline Cancer Center in Burien, WA., Family Medicine Service in Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Oncology Center of Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Planned Parenthood, and aside public health officials in a wide spectrum of community health settings, including Kenya..
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jim hallJackie Davey
herbalist & doula

Jackie Davey has over a decade of experience working with children. Jackie has a busy postpartum doula practice, Birth Realm and more recently is an educator for Doula Trainings International. She graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies in 2009 and continues to explore her love of plants co teaching in the CSHS school garden. back to top>